Covid 19 Resources

COVID 19 Emergency Fund Information for GIG workers, Undocumented Persons, and people with Zero Income – Get your check!! The CARES Fund is for EVERYONE!!

You can receive an emergency fund check, even if you did not work in 2019 or if you didn’t earn enough to be required to file a tax return (less than the standard deduction).

OPTION 1: Receive 1 time check for approximately $1300.

Fill out this form (1040) and mail it in EVEN if you earned $0 dollars in 2019.  If you filed a return in 2018 or if you receive Social Security payments, you do not need to file unless you changed your address.

–  If you are homeless, ask a friend or a homeless services organization to allow you to use their address for your check to be mailed to.

–  Put $0 or other amount on lines 1, 11a, and 11b.


OPTION 2: Receive Ongoing Unemployment Payments – Includes GIG workers!

Fill out the California Unemployment Claim Form HERE, which also now applies to GIG workers, such as UBER, FieldNation, PostMates and others.


OPTION 3:  For Undocumented Persons:

Use this link to request emergency funding.