CitySites ​Advertising

CitySites​® provides advertising for all types of businesses on any platform.  Whether it’s social networking sites, public relations links and articles, print ads or email ads, we can help you get it right.  We also provide ads on consumer sites operated by others.

You can also create your own company page or ‘City Page’ at ! Just send an email to requesting your”Page name” and you will receive login information and instructions to create your own page with e-commerce features, video, audio, and any category names and tags that apply to your business/craft/art/event.  Then you can put a link to your name/ on your facebook page, Linkedin site, personal web site, business card, etc.

It’s one more way to get more, new customers viewing your products and services online, plus the price is right – TOTALLY FREE!!! Let CitySites​® help you get noticed and ask us what else we can do to increase your exposure. The answer is we can help you to get on all social business-networking sites, improve your SEO page rank and get more business.